A garden in bloom

We are not planning to do anything with the garden this year, too much work to do on the house. But some bits of the garden are giving us a bit of a display anyway.

The old kitchen

The old kitchen was the room most in need of help when we bought the house. It looked as if nothing had been done to the place (including cleaning!) since the house was built in the 70's. So Richard got to work ripping out cabinets (which have since been cleaned and are now serving as storage in the garage), and then a local builder took over to finish the gutting and installing the new kitchen

Our new kitchen!

Our new kitchen is now completed (nearly)! After much deliberation, chose a neutral green colour for the walls to go with the earthy tones of the cabinets and tiles. Very happy with the result and looking forward to many hours of cooking, eating and chatting in there!

The new home owner

Our very first day as home owners. Welcome home!